Bat block modules 130 mm without rear wall


  • bats

Places: in and under facades of buildings and houses
Type: crevice / volume quarters, suitable for nurseries, open at the back
Special features: modular structure, the height can be varied as required. Very dark and very structured interior.
Structure: one foundation stone (FE130-G), on top of it any number of stack stones (FE130-A) and one final keystone (FE130-S); Bonding with mortar or glue
Installation: in and under facades by foaming, gluing, etc.
Maintenance: self-cleaning
Dimensions: 240 x 240 x 130 mm. The depth for all models with an open rear wall is 130 mm.
Material: breathable wood chip concrete
Scope of delivery: boxes
Weight: approx. 8 kg per stone

Price on request
  • Delivery status: 7-10 working days