Nest box for swifts facade box


  • common swifts

CAUTION! Basic price without mounting rail and screws! If necessary, please choose below!

A nesting trough is recommended, otherwise the birds sometimes need years to create a nest that is safe for the eggs to roll away.

Safe against: cats, marten and other predators
Places: facades, as close as possible under the roof overhang at heights of 4 m or more, as the animals prefer to look for nesting sites there
Material: breathable wood chip concrete
Dimensions: length 38.7 cm, height 18.5/17.5 cm, depth  24 cm
Since the nest box is conical, we have a height of approx. 18.5 cm on the back and a height of approx. 17.5 cm on the front.
Weight: approx. 13 kg The cave is drilled on the back and can be attached to facades with the available fastening set.
Optional: mounting set VA; with rail and plastic washers for pressure distribution

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